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Mortgage solutions for life! -- I believe the impact of our work is more important than high profits and hurried paperwork. Professionally, I aspire to offer the best mortgage solution for you and your family. Personally, I aspire to utilize the power of commerce to help make our community a more connected and meaningful place to live.

                                                                                                                    Ephesians 4

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Passionate about helping find the best solution for us!

"Jesse and his team were amazing to work with. Their knowledge and expertise helped us get exactly what we needed. And amazingly, we closed in just over a WEEK!!"

- Bob from Saint Paul, MN

Neighborship MORTGAGE

Jesse Glommen - NMLS # 953556

Branch Manager  --  PH# 651-210-0748

COVID-19, Climate Change, Racial Disparity, Geo-economics, etc.. impact us all.. It's more important than ever to come together as one community - as "neighbors" - to reach out and care for one another & pursue one another with patience and kindness.

During this unprecedented time, my team will be increasing our community give by $250.00 for every loan we close.

For teachers, school employees, first responders, and essential workers we will make an additional donation directly to your school or organization. 


I have been truly blessed by this industry. I have the best customers, associates, and friends in the business. I couldn't ask for more.. Thank you!

Kind Regards, Jesse Glommen



Mortgage is what we do..                       Neighborship is why we do it! 

NEIGHBORSHIP, GBC is the first general benefit company of its kind in Minnesota.

We are still getting off the ground, but the idea is simple..

Invest revenue from our mortgage business, money typically spent on commissions and shareholder profit, to support our schools, non-profits, and community organizations dedicated to building Neighborship & strengthening our shared community.


What exactly is 'neighbor·ship'

    • a relationship of faith, hope, and love between persons and communities

      synonyms: fellowship, relationship, connectedness, kindness, friendliness, mutual attachment, alliance, association, close association, bond, tie, link, union;

    • a state of mutual trust and support between persons.

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